Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Allure of Short Curls

Reasons to Go SHORT

Short, naturally curly hair is spectacular and unique, even when it's disheveled! Just be sure to do your research and understand what you want before seeing your stylist. Here are some of the rewards you could reap from going short:

Improved State of Hair

Longer hair is older hair that's been exposed to a lot of wind, weather changes, mechanical damage, and other stressors. Cutting it off is like hitting “reset”. You get new, healthy curls!

The Look

The right cut can emphasize and flatter facial features. You get more volume.Volume masks thinning hair better too. You look taller (if that's appealing to you).

Practicality / Convenience

Shorter means less time and effort spent on detangling (but could mean more time spent styling). Your hair will air dry more quickly and your hair will blow dry more quickly too.

Easier exercise sessions. Short hair doesn't have to be pulled back, so you can stay cooler. Super short and TWA cuts are ready-made, low-maintenance styles. Hats and swimming caps fit more easily.

Short hair is more acceptable in many business settings. All of your wet hair may finally fit inside a hood dryer! Yay! You stay cooler in warm weather and in warm climates. There's less hair around the house and less clogging of the tub. You might be able to ditch the headache-inducing pineapple for an easy overnight bonnet.

No more accidentally sitting on your hair. Less accidental tugging and pulling of hair. No more – or far fewer - frazzled curls from zippers, necklaces and seat belt straps. You'll eat food instead of hairy food. Less hair will get caught in and on everything. 

(For you violent types ... ) When your back is to the wall and your enemy has removed her stilettos and her earrings and she's ready to throw down, you'll have less hair for her to grab and twist!

Weight is lifted off you, literally! (Fewer headaches because of it too.)


Less product is needed, so it's easier on the wallet (though certain styles may require more frequent trims). Salon services cost less when you already have short hair.


Going short could mean you're letting go of more than just your hair. Your cut could also be a physical action symbolizing a willingness to release an emotional burden. A new, low-maintenance cut can feel deeply satisfying following a recent break up with a high-maintenance putz of an ex-boyfriend. Or maybe going short is a way to express a willingness to accept (or celebrate) one of life's many changes. 

… What do you think of short hair? Long hair? Are you satisfied with your length?

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