Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Curl-bashing & How to Respond


Our curls: we take them into the world to endure wind, UV rays, extreme weather, and silly, insensitive, obnoxious remarks! It's always wonderful to receive a genuine compliment, and that person always deserves a gracious response. But then there are all those comments that are innocent but intrusive, ignorant, or downright diabolical.

Here is a list of comments I've received or over-heard. The responses were designed to educate a few people, or at least make them think twice about what they're saying. Though I rarely suffer negative hair comments, I have suffered them - they are included  below and the responses I gave at the time are in black print.

You should straighten your hair.
You should curl yours.

Why do you wear your hair like that?
Because I'm cute. / To disturb you. / Because you can't.

How'd you get your hair to do that?
I crossed my eyes and hopped across my lawn at midnight, under a full moon.

Will you straighten your hair for the prom / the wedding / your job interview?
No, I'd rather look amazing. 

Don't you own a brush?
Yep, I agree, you don't understand curly hair.

Why do you leave your hair curly?
Why do you leave yours flat?

Is that real?
No, it was on sale at 7-11.

You must hate your hair.
You must hate yours.

I love your hair ... You should straighten it!
I love my hair too ... especially my curls!

Your hair is huge. How do you cope?
I think of how much yours will thin out as you age.

That's a rat's nest / tumble weed / mop / blob / frizz ball / poodle / helmet / Q-tip / pubic mound / circus clown / hobo / Madusa / Chia Pet ...

Whoever you're talking to must think you're crazy.

... What have people said about your hair? What have you said back?


  1. I used to say, when asked who does your hair, God.

    Nowadays I reply, DNA.

  2. Right on, Brother Hershman! Love it.